Blood Spattered Princess

Fairy Chair Collage

You may have been in love with Tord Boontje’s work before you’ve ever heard of him. Its beauty is almost indescribable; there is so much poetry and daintiness in his designs, it’s almost too much to take in.

Tord Boontie, winner of numerous awards for his creations, was born in the Netherlands, and artistically formed in London.

He has designed furniture that looks like elaborate fairy gowns, light shades that remind of exotic flower bouquets or ethereal angel wings, and installations that look like elfin jewels.

Even large objects such as sofas and steel-and-glass coffee tables look as light as graceful paper origami, delicate and whimsical; some of them inspired by a world similar to Dr. Seuss’. And they exude the lighthearted coolness of Scandinavian spirit.

Tord Boontjes work can be found in the Victoria and Albert Museum and the TATE in London, as well as the MoMA in New York, amongst others. And some items are available on his website (here).

Ikarus Wings and Headpiece

The furniture purist that I am, a firm believer in the square being the perfect shape, and less always, always being more, and who thinks that organic shapes are crowded and hard to look at, I would live in a house entirely furnished by these works; from the chairs to the wall hangings, the tableware, and of course, his most magnificent creations, the lights.

There is an edgy side to Tord Boontje’s work, too, hidden under all the vine-blossom lightness; his witch chair, particularly when photographed amidst a circle of fire by Angela Moore, or the black stag that is looming on wall hangings and in installations, and of course the installation of doll chairs he did in collaboration with the late Alexander McQueen make one see that there is more behind this than the flowers and butterflies that meet the eye.

  • Lamps (used as background, wings, headpiece, dress) and Fairy Chair: Tord Boontje
  • Black peeptoe heels: Costume National
  • Black pants with lace print: Vero Moda
  • Black tank top: Zadig & Voltaire
  • White lace top: H&M
  • Makeup: M.A.C

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