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Pajama with Samurai Sword

If you are like me, you were trying to stick out the athletic wear fad, hoping no one would notice that you were never seen wearing brightly colored spandex and quick wick fabrics with a Louis Vuitton bag and perfect hair to go shopping downtown Chicago or sipping a mocha latte at a nearby coffee shop.

I will admit it: I insist on only wearing Underarmor shirts to actually work out. Cute as they may be. But now I kind of wish I had at least done neon pink running shoes with a suit just once, maybe to an art fair or somewhere equally as safe, so that I could stick out the next one with a calm conscience. Because the whole casual dress mania has just upped itself one: wearing pajamas to a formal dinner, the opera, the Oscars, or even more out of your comfort zone: the office. Yes, in broad daylight , on a weekday, when everyone else is there. It’s almost reminiscent of the dream where you realize you forgot to put on pants.

Conveniently, I received a pajama for Christmas that I thought was so cute that I should find a way to wear it out. What??? No, of course not.

You may soon notice that the advice of “just add some sophisticated accessories, like metallic heels and a shiny belt” proves to be absolutely useless. The festiveness of these items just emphasizes the pajama quality of the outfit, giving it the elegance of a 1980s brothel.

And once the decision on accessories is made (stay away from strands of pearls; see brothel reference above, and go with something original instead), shoes add a whole other dimension to the dilemma. Certainly because usually, there are no shoes with pajamas.

My advice here: stick to the bizarre . If people are distracted by your shoes, they are less likely to notice that you walked out of the house in your jammies. Go with something artsy and sculptural but not too cutesy. For inspiration, see my post on United Nude – any of their special edition creations would work just fine.

If confidence makes a difference with many outfits, it is absolutely essential here. So go ahead, have fun. Make it look natural. Oh, and maybe you can wear those gym clothes to bed instead.

Pajama top and bottoms: H&M  /  Blazer: Gucci  /  Shoes: Aldo  /  Zipper necklace: local artist  /  Earrings: H&M  /  Makeup: M.A.C  /  Samurai Sword: the MET

Frame and Skulls

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