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The Zebra Approach

Asylum with stairsOne of my staples for days when I lack time or inspiration was taken from an article on wardrobe travel advice: stick with black and white, and add one or two pieces in a matching color that pops.

There is nothing more classic than black, white and red. But you can substitute that red for teal, tangerine, mustard yellow, neon pink or whatever. As long as it’s bright (so, no brown). No matter what you do, it will look put together without looking like you tried too hard. If you really want to be a minimalist, combine a white sweater, black pants and red lipstick. BOOM.

If you have been fascinated with matching prints, but were never really able to do it successfully without looking clownesque, here is your chance: Mixing black and white patterns is the gateway drug to mixing color patterns. See it as mixing patterns for beginners, if you will. And if you want to be funny, wear patterns head to ankle, and then wear a simple black or white shoe.

Another advantage to black and white: you can be loud without being loud (I am thinking black and white patent leather Wingtips), or weird without being weird, like with a knitted vest.

The trick is to balance black and white, and then just ad a small item or two in one color.

And yes, if you travel, bring your favorite black and white pieces and combine away. And simply buy the colorful accessories on your trip.


Lace pattern pants: Vero Moda

Knitted vest: Kookai

White sweater: INC

Black and white pumps: Saint Laurent

Belt: 1980s Vintage

Clutch: Michael Kors

Pearl and ebony leather necklace, black cuff: Blogger’s own

Makeup: M.A.C

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