brocade and converse

Brocades are funny

Brocade Collage

You gotta love the rich brocade seen on runways for the fall and winter couture!! At first, the rich shiny metallic with the decadent patterns may seem daunting to wear. Yes, the fear of being mistaken for drapes when exploring a baroque European palace is real. And there may be some traumatizing experience that makes you shy away from this century old look, such as wearing your first brocade piece to a party,where the chairs happen to be upholstered in that exact fabric. My advice if that happens, is to pretend that was intentional.

Despite having had a somewhat rocky start, a blue and silver brocade blazer I did buy for a Christmas party a few years back is now one of my favorite pieces. When buying it I thought I would probably rarely wear it, because it’s so opulent. But to my surprise, it’s really easy to wear and dress down, for example with a pair of skinny jeans to jazz up a casual Friday. Another trick to keep your look quirky and light, is combining it with Octopus jewelry or a Star Trek inspired jacket.

And if you want to go for a head to toe look, pick something ironic like gold brocade sneakers. Those will be a keeper.

  • Brocade Skirt: H&M.
  • Star Trek Jacket: Industry.
  • Patent Leather Pumps: Costume National.
  • Hobo Bag: Guess.
  • Octopus Ring: Express.
  • Earrings: Blogger’s own.
  • Makeup: MAC.
  • Brocade Blazer: The Limited.
  • Brocade Tank Top: White House Black Market.
  • Blue Pumps: Vivienne Westwood.
  • Pants: Only.
  • Bracelets: Africa, the World Market, H&M, Old Navy.
  • Felt Clutch: Blogger’s own.
  • Makeup: MAC.